Institute of Learning Styles Research

Overview of the Seven Perceptual Styles

print aural visual haptic interactive kinesthetic olfactory

Visual Modality - A Visual Learner

  • Learns by seeing and by watching demonstrations
  • Likes visual stimuli such as pictures, slides, graphs, demonstrations, etc.
  • Conjures up the image of a form by seeing it in the “mind’s eye”
  • Often has a vivid imagination
  • Often stares
  • Needs something to watch
  • Is often quiet and does not talk at length
  • Becomes impatient or drifts away when extensive listening is required
  • Prefers the visual arts and media

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Print - refers to seeing printed or written words.
Aural - refers to listening.
- refers to the sense of touch or grasp.
Interactive - refers to verbalization.
Kinesthetic - refers to whole body movement.
Olfactory - refers to sense of smell and taste.
Visual - refers to seeing visual depictions such as pictures and graphs.